EA Giving Tuesday Instructions

UK, Sweden, less than $500 USD

In a nutshell

  • Only Facebook donations to US non-profit organizations are eligible for matching, and non-profits that are registered in multiple countries (e.g. AMF) will be using their US branch to accept Giving Tuesday Facebook donations. Therefore UK donors will not be able to claim Gift Aid, and all non-US donors will lose tax benefits that they’d receive by donating to nonprofit organizations registered in their own country. Since it’s not guaranteed that donations will be matched, the matching funds might not compensate for the loss in tax benefits and Gift Aid.
  • UK donors may want to instead consider the PayPal 10% match and retain their eligibility for Gift Aid and tax deductions.
  • Last year the matching funds ran out in 15 seconds. We expect it to run out much faster this year. Try to click the final "Donate" button within the first second after the match start time of December 3rd, 2019, at 01:00:00pm GMT (02:00:00pm CET).
  • If you haven't used Facebook to donate much before, you may be limited to donations of approximately $277 USD, and other limits may apply. You can increase the limit by going through these instructions. After that, you are likely to be able to successfully donate up to $9,999 per donation.

Preparation (1-7 days in advance)


  1. Find the organization you’d like to donate on our fundraisers spreadsheet.
  2. Pledge your donation here.
  3. If you plan on donating more than $277 USD, increase your donation amount limit with these instructions, which we believe will mean you can safely donate up to $9,999 USD per donation. Otherwise, you may be limited to approximately $277 USD per donation, and other limits may apply.
  4. Add your payment method in Facebook.


  1. Practice making a small donation (e.g. $5 USD) fast (video).
  2. Read our suggestions on preparing your computer.

On Giving Tuesday


  1. The match begins on December 3rd, 2019, at 01:00:00pm GMT (02:00:00pm CET). To see this in different time zones, click here.
  2. Be prepared to be ready and alert at least 20 minutes before the match start time.
  3. Open a web browser tab of the appropriate fundraiser for each donation you need to make.
  4. Open time.is/just (an accurate clock) in a new window and place it next to your fundraiser window so you can view both together.
  5. Click “Donate” as soon as you see the clock change to the match start time.
  6. If you lose tax benefits by donating on Facebook, then do not retry any declined donations. The match has probably already ended.

Questions? Read our FAQ, ask in our Facebook group, or e-mail us at contact@eagivingtuesday.org.