EA Giving Tuesday Donation Matching


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Facebook should be providing match information in January 2020.

Total Amount Donated

Cumulative Amount Donated by Second

Edit 12/4: This estimate has major problems, and many donate button clicks were made much earlier than the estimate suggests. The ~4 second delay assumption made here was not accurate at the match start time. The delays reported were much more inconsistent, and often longer.

The following is an estimate of the amount donated by second. The second here is the estimated second of the click of the green "Donate" button. This is an extrapolation of the timestamps on the fundraiser page, with an assumption (based on our observations from test donations) that a click of the final "Donate" button shows up with a ~4 second delay on the fundraiser page.

Donations by Cause Area

Donations by Organization

Donations by Regranting Organization

Some organizations that are not their own US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits are receiving donations and matches through another regranting organization.